The experience with the “Projeto Conservador das Águas” in Extrema – MG, motivated the creation of a broader plan for forest restoration including the entire area of influence of the Serra da Mantiqueira, which shelters the springs of important rivers that feed the reservoirs of Furnas / MG. That´s where the electric energy that supplies the largest metropolitan areas of Brazil (São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro) is produced.

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The collective construction of a strategy to act in the conservation of a territory such as Mantiqueira is of fundamental importance. Mapping opportunities, understanding differences, and building together something that goes far beyond environmental conservation, but inserts social well-being and the empowerment of civil society as a basic component. Nature has no boundaries, and the values and benefits of acting in a large-scale landscape are exponentially high.

Olavo Garrido
Diretor Administrativo Finanças e Operações Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

Rafael Bitante Fernandes
Gerente de Restauração Florestal Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

The Mantiqueira Conservation Project is an example of large-scale forest restoration action that may generate enormous returns in terms of environmental services and also impact, positively, the economy in three States (SP, MG, and RJ). In times of climate and water crisis, this project gives answers to the challenges of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adapting communities and productive processes to the challenges of global climate changes.

Rachel Biderman
Diretora Executiva, WRI Brasil

Miguel Calmon
Diretor de Florestas, WRI Brasil

The Mantiqueira Conservation Plan is not only a great challenge to replicate what we have learned in the Water Conservator in Extrema, it is also a great opportunity to prove that several initiatives can be integrated, contributing to the restoration of thousands of hectares, generating jobs and income, while contributing to the maintenance of ecosystem services. We´re headed to a green economy.

Antônio Werneck
Diretor Executivo TNC Brasil.

Rubens Benini
Gerente de Restauração Florestal TNC Brasil.

The ambitious plan to reproduce the experiences of the “Projeto Conservador das Águas” of Extrema – the first Project of the Water Producer Program of ANA – for the entire region of influence of the Serra da Mantiqueira, seems to be a huge challenge. However, because of the entities involved, which have acquired, in recent years, sufficient experience to carry out such a great task, the challenge becomes smaller.  By working on the forest restoration of 1,200,000 hectares with native species, the PCM will change the environmental reality of more than 280 municipalities in three important States of the Federation, improving water production and the quality of life of the population.


Vicente Andreu Guillo
Diretor Presidente - ANA

Devanir Garcia dos Santos
Coordenador de Implementação de Projetos Indutores - ANA

By sharing the experience of Extrema with the other municipalities of Mantiqueira, we demonstrate the importance of joint actions to reach goals for local solution and impact. The sum of the results of local actions in several municipalities will bring the necessary scale to fulfill the goal assumed by Brazil at the Climate Conference in Paris – COP 21.

Paulo Henrique Pereira
Secretário de Meio Ambiente, Extrema-MG.

João Batista da
Prefeito de Extrema-MG.

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A project like this needs supporters and partners to successfully accomplish their purposes. Thankfully we can count on these institutions to carry out this great plan!

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